I watched Nascar… and I liked it.

Danica and DennyI cheated on college basketball this weekend to watch Nascar… and I don’t regret it. Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge college basketball fan and would choose watching it over hanging out with my friends any day – crazy, I know. Thursday night, instead of watching Maryland beat Nebraska in a close 69-65 game or Arizona top USC in a 30 point win, I watched the Budweiser Duels. On Sunday I missed out on the OSU vs UM basketball game with my dear buckeyes losing because I watched the Daytona 500. I was pulling for Ryan Newman to win because he is my dad’s favorite, unfortunately his fate was 38th. So behind Ryan Newman, I wanted Jimmie Johnson to win. Why is this relevant though? Well because of Danica Patrick, of course.

Denny tapped Danica.

Budweiser Duel Logo Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Budweiser Duel #1. After starting at 25th, and leading the most laps of the race with 21, Dale came out on top. With the win, Dale started 3rd in the Daytona 500.

Danica’s grand entrance to the weekend didn’t happen until the Budweiser Duel #2.

Jimmie Johnson took home first place at the Budweiser Duel #2 after starting in first and leading for 40 laps. Danica, who started 15th only moved up 5 spots to finish in 10th.

The race was going fine for Danica in 8th place until there were a little more than three laps to go. Coming out of the third corner, Denny Hamlin tapped her rear bumper and she spun out through the field, luckily avoiding major damage. Danica had to pit to get four new tires and some body work done to finish the race.

Denny tapped Danica: The Prequel.

Danica was already racing a backup car in the Budweiser Duel #2 because of a wreck in Wednesday’s practice. In the early minutes of the practice, Denny Hamlin went three-wide and turned Danica out.

The Denny vs. Danica Duel

So when Danica was wrecked by Denny in the Budweiser Duel #2, forcing her to use yet another backup car in the Daytona 500, she was fired up. Following the race, Danica had a lot to say to Denny.

Patrick: “You gave me nothing. It spun my backend around.”
Hamlin: “I understand, but it’s because you’re loose. It’s not my fault if you’re loose, Danica.”
Patrick: “No one else did it to me.”
Hamlin: “No one else is getting close to you. But, we have to get close to you to get you going forward. To get you going forward, I have to get close to you. I know it got you loose, but I didn’t hit you.”
Patrick: “You spun me out just like in practice.”
[View the full script here]

Danica is blaming Denny for wrecking her twice in the same way and Denny is blaming it on her car being loose.

Whether or not it was Denny or Danica’s fault, their duel was the highlight of the Budweiser Duels, sorry Dale and Jimmie!

Danica Sparks a Conversation.

When a woman fights a man, there are many reactions from the public. Some people say “girl power,” some say “get back in the kitchen,” and some will call her derogatory names for standing her ground. Whenever a female argues with a male in the public sphere, it is interesting to see what people have to say, and the results are exactly how you would imagine.

Comments about Danica on Youtube

Comments about Danica on Youtube

Comments about Danica on Youtube

Granted, there are definitely conversations about the crash itself, but there are an overwhelming number of conversations on social media about Danica’s gender affecting the race, the crash or the argument itself. But because she is a woman, people will view this argument differently and cause me to blog about it.

And as I found, the conversations on Twitter were much more intelligent than those I found on YouTube. Many Twitter users posed the same question: If Denny had touched Danica the way she touched him, would there have been consequences? Should women be held to the same standard of conduct as men?

I think absolutely, genders should be equal on all fronts, not just on a pick and choose basis, but what do you think? What do you have to say about the Denny versus Danica duel? Leave me a comment or start a conversation with me on Twitter!



One thought on “I watched Nascar… and I liked it.

  1. Great post, Lindsay! I watched a bit of the Daytona 500 last weekend, but I had actually not heard of this incident happening earlier last week until reading your post. I can see both sides of this argument. However, I think it all boils down to the sheer fact that a man should never put his hands on a woman that way. It may seem like a double standard to some people, but that’s just the way it is whether you’re talking about NASCAR or anything else, and I agree with it. So, people shouldn’t be getting so worked up about it on social media, in my opinion. I think Hamlin handled the whole incident very well, and Danica eventually calmed herself down, so I think this is all getting blown WAY out of proportion.


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